Garden trends 2023 – what will be fashionable this year?

A beautiful garden with a comfortable terrace for many people. After all, it is the perfect place to relax and unwind and meet friends and family. However, how to arrange your terrace space to make it really comfortable and aesthetic. We suggest which garden furniture will be the most fashionable in 2023.

Rattan garden furniture will also be on the list of garden furniture trends this year

If you care above all about the durability and functionality of your garden furniture, then timeless rattan furniture will be the best choice for you. They have not gone out of fashion for years, and they are also extremely practical. Why is it worth choosing rattan garden furniture?

Rattan, and more specifically its limp branches resembling vines, from which furniture is made, is characterized primarily by considerable flexibility and softness. Thanks to this, furniture made of rattan is characterized not only by an interesting design full of complex patterns, but also by great durability. This furniture is also very light, so after the end of the season you can easily hide it at home. In addition, this furniture is also extremely comfortable and very pleasant to the touch, which is why it is a perfect accessory to relax after a long day.

Aluminum sets – minimalism is still on time!

This season, other furniture worth considering is stainless steel or die-cast aluminum.

In 2023, the fashion for outdoor recreation in the most natural, idyllic surroundings continues. Simple garden furniture with universal colors easily fits into the assumptions for a given arrangement. Garden furniture made of aluminum, with a simple form, perfectly matches the greenery of the lawn and the lushness of flowers in flowerbeds.

A place for meetings and relaxation in the privacy of your own garden

In arranging the garden in the upcoming season, apart from the appearance, its function is also important. The garden is to be used for rest and relaxation. Therefore, minimalism and nature are the two main trends in the arrangement of the garden. So as to take a break from work, the hustle and bustle, from the world. The garden is supposed to be undemanding, practically self-sufficient.

Modular furniture – for maximum comfort and adaptation to the space

The garden is also intended to serve as a meeting place for family and friends.
That is why modular furniture will be the leader. Constructions, sets that allow you to freely arrange individual elements, combine them to form whole furniture, e.g. wide sofas, or treat them as single products, e.g. armchairs.

Thanks to modular furniture, we gain maximum possibilities in terms of their arrangement. In addition, it is a great way to adapt the entire set of furniture to the available space, as well as taking into account the number of guests who visit us.

Is it worth buying rattan furniture in winter?

Shopping for garden furniture is usually planned for spring and summer. The season is the best shopping time for many reasons. Sometimes, however, it is worth thinking about placing an order earlier or holding off until the end of the season. Why? Because buying furniture in winter can be very profitable, prices are falling, attractive promotions are coming and you can really save a lot. And these are not the only reasons why you should consider buying furniture in winter, including rattan ones.


Winter promotions on garden furniture

We used to write about how to buy garden furniture cheaper. If not, be sure to remember this post, because there are many useful tips. We mentioned how to look for promotions. The store has a special category “sales”, in which all promotional products are located. We recommend checking there from time to time, because the promotions change, seasonal sales come and you can find very interesting deals.

Off-season discounts are characteristic of many stores, and buying furniture in winter can be very profitable, especially when larger purchases are planned. In addition, due to the smaller number of orders during this period, the shipment can be much faster than in the high season, which is a small but always an asset.


Why is it cheaper in winter?

  • Because then the airing of the warehouses takes place
  • Space is freed up for new collections.
  • Last year’s models are on sale.
  • Sales of post-exhibition and outlet models are starting.
  • You need to start the winter sales downtime.

What to remember when buying furniture in winter?

Off-season shopping is very attractive, but it is worth remembering a few rules that will make sure that the opportunity is not just a marketing ploy.

  1. Always compare prices on search engines and comparison engines. This way you will find the best offer.
  2. Check whether the promotion is real and not just artificially created.
  3. Read the terms and conditions of sales and promotions carefully.
  4. Use discount codes and coupons that will subtract a few extra percent from the price, provide free delivery or a small gift.
  5. If you buy furniture from an outlet, exhibition or used, make sure that it is not damaged.
  6. Learn the rules of returns and warranties prevailing in the store.
  7. Read the rules of the promotion.
  8. Read product reviews

Why (apart from the low price) is it worth buying rattan furniture in winter?

Winter promotions for garden furniture are an attractive form of attracting customer attention, but low prices are not the only reasons why buying furniture in winter makes sense. When purchasing furniture for private use, it does not matter much whether they will stand in the garden in April, May or only when it is really warm. However, when running a service business, a cafe or a restaurant, it is important that the garden starts in the first days of the season, as soon as it is possible to sit comfortably outside. It may be late March or early April. Do not be late. In this case, buying garden furniture in the winter before the start of the season will definitely facilitate the earlier completion of the necessary equipment to start your business at the very beginning of spring.


How to arrange a corner in the living room? Where to place the corner in a large and where in a small living room?

Are you planning to buy a corner sofa for your living room and wondering if it is the right choice? The corner sofa is a large piece of furniture that is comfortable and can become the center of our family’s life. It will provide rest, and if it is unfolded, it can even turn into a place to sleep. However, the corner, due to its shape and size, can also be an arrangement challenge. In this text, we will tell you how to place a corner in a larger, and above all, smaller, living room, so that the piece of furniture fulfills its function as best as possible.

Corner – why is it worth buying?

Corner is a functional solution for several reasons. Firstly, it is a comfortable place to sit for more people. It is perfect for receiving guests and organizing parties. The corner, due to its construction, will also be a place to rest in a lying position, and even to take a nap during the day! Speaking of sleeping – a corner with a sleeping function will also work well at night as a place to sleep. We have many types of unfolding to choose from, so we can choose them according to our needs.

And that’s not all! Modern corner sofas also give you the opportunity to adjust to your preferences in terms of the arrangement of armrests or headrests. Before buying a corner sofa, however, it is worth analyzing our needs and the possibilities of the room in which the furniture is to be placed.

When choosing a corner for a smaller interior, we must first of all check:

  • whether the size of the corner is adapted to the size of our interior and its shape,
  • whether a right-hand corner or a left-hand corner will suit our interior better,
  • whether in the case of a corner with a sleeping function, we will have enough space in front of the corner to unfold it freely.

Where to place the corner in the living room?

When we know what corner we want to buy, we have to check whether it will look good where we want to put it. We have several corner settings to choose from. Let’s discuss them in turn.

Corner against the wall and in the corner

One of the most frequently chosen options is to set the corner against the wall. This solution means that we do not lose space, so it is used by owners of smaller apartments. The corner can also be adapted directly to the shape of the furniture and placed in the corner of the room. However, if we have the opportunity, do not push the corner directly to the wall, leaving a few centimeters of space. In this way, the interior will take “breath”.

Corner under the window

By placing a corner under the window, we will gain a bright place to read and rest. In this case, however, we must bear in mind two things. First of all, we must set the corner in such a way as not to block the opening of the balcony door. Before buying, it is worth measuring how much space we have under the window and choosing a piece of furniture accordingly. At this point, it is also worth mentioning that the corner should be at the right distance from the door to the room. The corner should in no way hinder the opening of the door and entering the interior. Secondly, we need to consider whether and where we want to place the TV. A TV set opposite the window may reflect light, which will interfere with comfortable watching of your favorite program.

Corner next to the kitchenette

The corner will also well separate the kitchenette from the rest of the apartment, e.g. in a larger studio apartment. By placing it with its back to the kitchen, we will separate the kitchen zone from the living room zone. In this case, however, we must remember that the corner must be far enough from the kitchen countertops not to get dirty during cooking! In addition, it should be upholstered with an easy-to-clean fabric, which will facilitate the removal of dirt, if any.

A small corner for a small living room

Do you dream of a corner sofa, but are you afraid that it is too big a piece of furniture for your living room? Choose a corner sofa in the mini version! More and more manufacturers offer corners that will also be suitable for smaller interiors. The smaller piece of furniture retains its classic shape, but has more compact dimensions. Among the corners with a width of up to 220 cm, we will find those with a shorter ottoman. The armrests in the corners for smaller interiors will be narrow, thanks to which they will not take up additional space. Manufacturers just as often give up on them altogether.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of corners available on our website:

Leather sofa or upholstered in fabric – what to choose?

When we want to buy a new sofa, we have to choose from many different options. Manufacturers surprise with a huge variety of patterns, styles and types of finish. Let’s see what will work better in your home – leather sofa or upholstered in fabric? I will try to tell you what to look for when choosing a material.



The choice of material and trends

Often, the decision-making process is not helped by trends that change so quickly that it is sometimes difficult to keep up with them. Interior design brochures provide a lot of inspiration in terms of styling and tempt us with fashionable shades of colours that change every year. There are new fabrics with modern technical parameters that extend the life of the sofa cover. In such a situation, it can be dizzying to decide what type of cover to choose when buying a sofa. So how do you do it wisely?

Colour is not everything

If you are just thinking about buying a new sofa for your living room, you are sure to take into account not only what functions this piece of furniture offers, but also whether its appearance suits your taste and the whole arrangement. When making a decision, you check whether the sofa can be folded out to sleep, whether it has a bedding container, whether it has high or low legs, narrow or wide sides, a high enough backrest for you and whether the filling is soft enough to rest comfortably on furniture. These are the elements that affect the overall comfort of rest.

Another aspect is the visual line of the sofa, which decides if it will match the climate you want to create in your living room. The overall look is influenced by whether the line of the furniture is more rounded and softer, or angular, as well as the number of possible quilting and stitching, the shape and height of the legs and the type of upholstery. Contrary to appearances, this last element does not come down to the choice of color only. Of great importance is not only whether you choose leather or fabric, but also what type of each of these upholstery materials you choose. Outer Fabrics

Leather sofa or fabric?

Leather or fabric – what type of upholstery will work best? There is no clear answer to this question. The material should be adjusted to your liking. Regardless of whether your living room will have a leather fold-out sofa or a sofa that will only serve as a lounge – leather will certainly give it a more dignified and classic look. The fabric, in turn, will make the piece of furniture visually a bit cosier and “clean”.


Modern technologies of fabric production and natural leather processing make both upholstery materials very easy to keep clean. Fabric manufacturers offer many collections produced with the use of specialized technologies, thanks to which, with a sufficiently quick reaction, you can clean even spilled coffee or red wine, using only a damp cloth. On the other hand – modern methods of leather processing allows for the impression of a “warm”, velvety texture, which completely breaks the stereotypes of feeling cold when touching it.


Remember that the same sofa model will look completely different when dressed in a leather cover and a different one made of fabric. What’s more, its appearance will also be influenced by the texture of the selected upholstery material and its parameters. Depending on the type of lighting, velvet and velour fabrics will make the surface of the furniture appear in a continuous play of light and shadow, enhancing the impression of three-dimensionality. The fabric will “shade” depending on the direction it is smoothed over in.


Quite stiff flocks with a uniform surface will fit well on a minimalist piece of furniture with smooth seats and backrests, while they will look less favourable on a piece of furniture with a large number of quilting. On the contrary, soft and flowing fabrics will look good on a springy and soft sofa with rich quilting and stitching, while on large, smooth surfaces they may slightly wrinkle.


All this means that the decision regarding the type of upholstery should be as carefully considered as the choice of the furniture’s function. The most important thing is that the piece of furniture exactly matches your taste or makes it look similar. Remember that just as there is no fabric that is completely resistant to the claws of our pets or the stains that may arise as a result of our little ones’ games, there is also no upholstery material that would resist the passage of time and be resistant to traces of everyday use. However, with proper maintenance and cleaning, both leather and fabric can survive in excellent condition for many years, pleasing to the eye and providing a pleasant tactile experience. –  Fabric Grey Como Sofa Collection


More furniture upholstered in natural leather and fabrics can be found at

What is PE rattan? Everything you need to know before buying garden furniture

Pe rattan is a synthetic rattan-like fiber made of high-quality polyethylene. Like natural material, it is flexible and easy to form. As a result, the furniture adjusts to the shape of the body, but does not deform or deform permanently. The main advantage of PE rattan is above-average durability, resistance to damage and resistance to weather conditions. Interestingly, it is an ecological and non-toxic material that can be fully recycled. 


PE rattan furniture is weather resistant 

PE rattan is completely resistant to weather conditions, especially UV radiation, extreme temperatures and moisture. It retains its color and properties in all conditions. Garden furniture made of ape rattan does not require impregnation or maintenance. They will work in any place, not only on the covered terrace. They can be stored outside all year round, even in winter. 

PE rattan is easy to clean 

Pe rattan garden furniture is easy to keep clean. Water resistance means that they can be washed any number of times, without fear of corrosion and other damage. Dirt is quickly removed with a damp cloth or a water jet from a garden hose. In the case of more stubborn dirt, you can use a special Pe rattan care agent. 

PE rattan furniture is handmade 

PE rattan furniture is handcrafted, just like rattan furniture. Single synthetic fibers are woven on a metal frame (aluminum or steel). As a result, they are flexible and comfortable to use, and also give the impression of natural rattan. Manual production guarantees refinement, attention to detail and the highest quality, as well as uniqueness. 

Various kinds of PE rattan braid  

PE rattan braid is available in 3 types: 

flat – available in various versions, from single-color with a smooth surface to shaded, thick with an interesting structure (ribbed, brushed, imitating natural fibers), used in low and medium-price furniture 

semicircular – it perfectly imitates real rattan, it is characterized by a nice color and natural surface as well as high resistance to loads, it is used most often 

round – very precise imitation of rattan. Due to its high cost, it is rarely used by furniture manufacturers. 

Huge selection of PE rattan furniture 

Pe rattan is used to produce all kinds of garden furniture, both for leisure and dining rooms. We can choose from sets with sofas, armchairs and tables, recently popular corner sofas, and even modular sets that can be configured according to your needs. For those looking for maximum comfort, comfortable Pe rattan loungers are offered. 

Among the dining room furniture, we can find ready-made sets consisting of chairs, armchairs and tables. Sets are available in a variety of sizes and styles. We also offer a whole range of single tables, armchairs and chairs made of PE rattan, so that you can complete a set yourself, tailored to your individual needs. 

PE rattan furniture is universal and fits into any space. A wide selection of patterns and models means that everyone will find the right set for themselves, regardless of the preferred style of arrangement. 

PE rattan is not only furniture 

PE rattan is a material with excellent properties and universal application. It is used in the production of not only garden furniture, but also other items. In the stores, you will find interesting PE rattan pots, practical storage compartments and garden boxes, mats to be mounted e.g. on balustrades, and even durable composters. 

PE rattan furniture is a purchase that pays off 

The disadvantage of PE rattan furniture is the seemingly high price. Compared to plastic or cast kits, the cost is actually higher. However, PE rattan garden furniture is distinguished by its impressive durability, maintaining its impeccable appearance for 10-15 years. However, cheaper counterparts need to be replaced after 1-2 seasons. Ultimately, the cost of PE rattan furniture is compensated by high durability, comfort of use and unique design. 

Choosing the Perfect Sofa: Things to Consider

Since the sofa is such an integral part of any living space, it’s vital that it meets every aspect of your expectations – and then some!

In this article, I have collected seven elements that should be taken into account when buying your dream living room seat. 

Sofa Types

We have a few basic combinations to choose from. We can opt for a corner, a couch, two sofas, a couch and two armchairs, a corner and an armchair, etc. There is a lot of it. It all depends on what space we have and what suits us best. In large living rooms, it may be a good idea to use a sofa consisting of modules that can be freely composed according to your preferences. An interesting solution is also placing two sofas opposite each other or instead of one of the sofas – two armchairs (not necessarily a complete set) or an armchair and pouffes. 


Depending on the size, we can choose wide corners or tiny double sofas. It all depends on how big our living room is, and also on the number of people who will be using the sofa at one time. In my opinion, the larger the seat, the better, more comfortable and “social”. 

The Two C’s: Convenience & Comfort

The sofa must first and foremost be comfortable. During the day, and especially on winter evenings, we spend a lot of time on it. You should pay attention to its depth, the height of the seat and backrest, as well as its softness. The sofa should not be too deep, because then it will only be suitable for lying down (optimal depth is about 60-70 cm). Neither too soft when we want to receive guests on it (drinking coffee on a soft, collapsing sofa can be almost a miracle). The backrest cannot be too low, because it will be uncomfortable to lean against it (min.50cm). Some sofas come with large cushions that perfectly replace the high backrests. They will also work well when the armrest is located on one side only. Of course, all of the above elements are contractual, and which sofa you choose depends only on you and your needs. 

Who’s Corner are you in?

 Depending on the layout of the room, one corner will be more suitable for the left corner and the other corner for the right one (i.e. with the more protruding left and right parts, respectively). I do not know if in all of them, but I can certainly write that in most corners this choice is possible. You will probably ask: “How do I know which side to choose?” Well, it has been assumed that if the corner is to be placed in the corner of the room, the more protruding part should be adjacent to the wall. Otherwise, it will clutter the passage and visually look worse (I am preparing a separate entry about the arrangement of the sofa in the living room, so you will learn more about it soon). 

Style & Form

The style and form of the sofa should match the style of the living room. We can choose a simple Scandinavian corner sofa or a quilted sofa with glamor style legs. When choosing, it is also worth considering other furniture that will stand in the living room. 


There are two types of materials – fabric and leather. The former are more affordable, the latter a little less. Many people have bad experiences with leather-like upholstery, but the producers assure that the quality of the artificial leather is very high now. It does not change the fact that the fabric is more pleasant to touch, warmer in winter and does not stick to the skin on hot days. There are several classes of fabrics. The highest one is a stain and scratch resistant one that is perfect for small children and animals. 


Colour is a very important point that we cannot forget. The sofa should have a universal colour (universal is not necessarily grey, it is rather one that we will not get bored of and will fit most of the arrangements we come up with). Of course, the grey sofa goes with everything, while the yellow sofa already obliges you to something and it is difficult to match it with all the colours of the rainbow. Although it can be compared to the aesthetic values, which is also an individual matter. In small interiors, contrasting colours should not be used (white wall – black sofa), because it optically reduces the room. 



Garden Furniture Ideas and Inspiration: What Colour Should I Choose?

The colour of your furniture is one of the most important things to consider when choosing your set. It can really make or break the look you want to achieve, and contributes greatly to the overall atmosphere of the garden. 

Things to Consider
When considering which colour of garden furniture to choose, you may be drawn to your favourite colours. This of course is justified! It’s no surprise that you want to create a garden arrangement that suits your tastes to a tee, but it is worth remembering that this should not be the only criteria. Very important for a harmonious effect is the colour of the furniture’s surroundings. The colours you choose may want to correspond with elements of space such as the ground stand on, the materials from which other garden equipment is made and, of course, with the vegetation. Additionally, if you do not want the colour of your garden furniture to change too quickly, you need to take into account the humidity and the degree of sunlight of the place where you put it. It is worth choosing furniture colours that will not appear unfashionable after one season – so it’s good to give up flashy colours and choose more subdued or classic shades that will match many garden arrangements.

Before choosing your dream equipment, think about the colour of the furniture that suits the space of your garden. A wide range of furniture made of various materials allows for a huge selection and satisfying many colour needs. Here we will outline a few popular garden furniture colours and what makes them unique!

Green is the essence of nature contained in the garden, so it’s no wonder that they are often chosen as the colour of furniture. Thanks to its array of deep shades to suit every mood, you can create a real oasis of peace – especially when you choose contrasting colours to your garden foliage. Lighter shades, in turn, will make the equipment stand out against the background of vegetation. Camouflaging furniture in the garden is also something you might want to try – we don’t see it very often, so it’s sure to be a talking point!

Brown as the colour of furniture, browns have the property of warming up space, and are also associated with the natural colour of wood. Their colour is universal and harmonizes beautifully with greenery, which makes it suitable for almost any garden. It is also a good choice if you have other wooden elements in your garden space, e.g. a tool house or a wooden platform.

Beiges and Greys – these are the colours of garden furniture in a modern style. Most if not all of our rattan sets are usually made of durable polyrattan and can successfully stand even in the sunniest places. They work well with various types of ground – they will look great both on the lawn and on the terrace or balcony made of natural boards. You can also choose them if you have paving stones or tiles in your garden on which you want to put your garden furniture. The colours of beige and graphite will beautifully display the purchased equipment.

White is a synonym of elegance. If you are wondering what colour of furniture suits a tastefully decorated garden, bright, pale colours are the way to go, to make each feature stand out – as well as the furniture itself. This colour naturally stands out from the greens and browns that we meet in the garden. It also beautifully emphasizes the shapes of the equipment and is an easy colour to refresh due to its availability. The white colour of the furniture will catch the eye and help to achieve colour harmony in the garden.

Pastels are a perfect fit for gardens with softer-coloured foliage. Furniture in these colours brings to mind summer and meets the need for colours that are slightly more quirky than standard palette colours. They look great on almost any surface, but it is worth avoiding placing them in places where it is quite damp, as it treads on their uplifting feel.

Arranging a Garden Space: What Role does Your Garden Furniture Need to Play?

Garden furniture is an indispensable element of garden architecture and terrace arrangement – but how do we choose a set that meets our needs?


Buying Fit for Purpose

First and foremost, we should consider what kind of furniture will not only express our taste but also meet our functional requirements. We must ask ourselves the question: what will be its primary purpose?


Perhaps it’s relaxing after a tiresome day at work with a cup of coffee (or wine!) in hand. Or, are you one prone to partying, living for the opportunity to host for multiple people at a time? Will the set just be for the two of you, or do you have up to eight people to entertain at once? At Homeflair, we’ve sets to suit all of these needs and more.


Storing it All Away

Another thing to consider is how you’ll store your furniture once you’ve finished with it for the season. A lot of our sets, such as our rattan range, can be left outside all year-round without damage caused by the elements, as the synthetic weave used in the products is weatherproof. If your furniture is made from wood or a material less hardwearing, though, you’ll want to store it away in a dry location – so ensure you have a set space for it before bringing it home!


Fitting your Garden Furniture – Size Matters!

Working with a small space? Not a problem. We’ve a great selection of chairs that would make their home quite comfortably on a more compact garden, or even a terrace or balcony. Take our Castello Hanging Tub Chair, for example – this chic, standalone design has elegance wherever it is placed, and can even be utilised indoors when it’s too cold to relax outside.


Garden loungers and recliners also make ideal sets for a balcony or terrace. Make a statement and soak up the sun – but not your garden space.


Garden Corner Sets

A classic crowd pleaser comes in the form of a corner sofa set, guaranteed to keep guests sitting comfortably the whole day and night through. They’re not only functional in terms of seating multiple guests, but they also fit snugly into gardens that have a generic square shape.

Plenty of our sets can also be arranged into different configurations. Spread each piece out or go as compact as you can to really make your furniture your own.


Garden Corner Sets

A classic crowd pleaser comes in the form of a corner sofa set, guaranteed to keep guests sitting comfortably the whole day and night through. They’re not only functional in terms of seating multiple guests, but they also fit snugly into gardens that have a generic square shape.

Plenty of our sets can also be arranged into different configurations. Spread each piece out or go as compact as you can to really make your furniture your own.


Always in Fashion – Wonderful Wood!

For a rustic, timeless appearance, why not opt for a set crafted from wood? We’ve in stock plenty of large unfolding tables and smaller sets for those who want to keep it compact. It’s a fantastic alternative to rattan that suits a background of lush greenery for a park-like feel.

Just be forewarned that you’ll be babying these sets a lot more than rattan… but you’ll soon find out that it’s sure worth it!


Inspired yet? Fantastic! Browse our huge range of Garden Furniture today and see if we have a set to suit you.