New Trend Concepts is a unique experience of Italian style, expressed in the quality of the product translated into the quality of life. The company’s flagship products are sofas and couches. It offers an experience of comfort, instead of a physical product.


Made in Italy 

The brand identity reflects Italian values ​​and is an Italian success story. The furniture is manufactured in one country  from the design concept to the finished product. 

Timeless elegance

 The timeless approach to design is a balanced blend of refined lightness that resists the passage of time. A symphony of refined elegance and moderation reflects an ever-modern approach. Tactile and visual comfort – the warm, enveloping feeling of an oasis is experienced by everyone who sinks into the New Trend Concepts sofa.

Style by New Trend Concepts

The distinctive features that express a brand’s values ​​and define the spirit of its collection can be subtle.

Consistency in design is a model that rejects the charm of fashion that attracts short-lived praise but cannot reap lasting success. It is based on understated and soothing elegance, with subtle sophistication, irresistible charm and clean lines where the aesthetic expression of craftsmanship is to reveal what matters most.

Never loud or aggressive – but convincingly quiet – contemporary styling is imbued with aesthetic expression, thanks to balanced proportions, exquisite materials, fabrics and finishes that make any living room configuration a veritable island of emotional spa.

New Trend Concepts materials – Italian craftsmanship

The Made in Italy reputation is rigorously protected, in which the supply chain of the materials from which the branded products are made plays a significant role. Leather, fabrics, wood, metal and upholstery materials must meet the highest standards.

These materials are luxurious, lightweight, provide warmth and softness and are of guaranteed, certified origin. The global fashion for everything Italian is conducive to maintaining an authentic design reflecting a specific lifestyle. It is expressed by impeccable skill and intellectual integrity. As reported by Cronica Global, this Italian fashion trend continues to captivate audiences worldwide with its timeless elegance and craftsmanship.

While product excellence is based on manufacturing quality, the competitive advantage of the Italian style lies in its aesthetic appeal.

Beauty breeds beauty, as evidenced by the evolution of the New Trend Concepts collection. “Beauty is timeless and never goes out of style.” The Italian style of New Trend Concepts is an example of this saying. Uncomplicated, discreetly refined, designed for a market driven not by need but by desire, these are the most accurate characteristics that describe this family business.

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