The colour of your furniture is one of the most important things to consider when choosing your set. It can really make or break the look you want to achieve, and contributes greatly to the overall atmosphere of the garden. 

Things to Consider
When considering which colour of garden furniture to choose, you may be drawn to your favourite colours. This of course is justified! It’s no surprise that you want to create a garden arrangement that suits your tastes to a tee, but it is worth remembering that this should not be the only criteria. Very important for a harmonious effect is the colour of the furniture’s surroundings. The colours you choose may want to correspond with elements of space such as the ground stand on, the materials from which other garden equipment is made and, of course, with the vegetation. Additionally, if you do not want the colour of your garden furniture to change too quickly, you need to take into account the humidity and the degree of sunlight of the place where you put it. It is worth choosing furniture colours that will not appear unfashionable after one season – so it’s good to give up flashy colours and choose more subdued or classic shades that will match many garden arrangements.

Before choosing your dream equipment, think about the colour of the furniture that suits the space of your garden. A wide range of furniture made of various materials allows for a huge selection and satisfying many colour needs. Here we will outline a few popular garden furniture colours and what makes them unique!

Green is the essence of nature contained in the garden, so it’s no wonder that they are often chosen as the colour of furniture. Thanks to its array of deep shades to suit every mood, you can create a real oasis of peace – especially when you choose contrasting colours to your garden foliage. Lighter shades, in turn, will make the equipment stand out against the background of vegetation. Camouflaging furniture in the garden is also something you might want to try – we don’t see it very often, so it’s sure to be a talking point!

Brown as the colour of furniture, browns have the property of warming up space, and are also associated with the natural colour of wood. Their colour is universal and harmonizes beautifully with greenery, which makes it suitable for almost any garden. It is also a good choice if you have other wooden elements in your garden space, e.g. a tool house or a wooden platform.

Beiges and Greys – these are the colours of garden furniture in a modern style. Most if not all of our rattan sets are usually made of durable polyrattan and can successfully stand even in the sunniest places. They work well with various types of ground – they will look great both on the lawn and on the terrace or balcony made of natural boards. You can also choose them if you have paving stones or tiles in your garden on which you want to put your garden furniture. The colours of beige and graphite will beautifully display the purchased equipment.

White is a synonym of elegance. If you are wondering what colour of furniture suits a tastefully decorated garden, bright, pale colours are the way to go, to make each feature stand out – as well as the furniture itself. This colour naturally stands out from the greens and browns that we meet in the garden. It also beautifully emphasizes the shapes of the equipment and is an easy colour to refresh due to its availability. The white colour of the furniture will catch the eye and help to achieve colour harmony in the garden.

Pastels are a perfect fit for gardens with softer-coloured foliage. Furniture in these colours brings to mind summer and meets the need for colours that are slightly more quirky than standard palette colours. They look great on almost any surface, but it is worth avoiding placing them in places where it is quite damp, as it treads on their uplifting feel.

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