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Townley Fabric Sofa Collection | La-Z-Boy



Townley Fabric Sofa Collection

The luxurious Townley from La-Z-Boy is the epitome of both comfort and style combined. Offering sumptuous cushioned seats and a lumbar back support, the Townley blends traditional La-Z-Boy features with contemporary design elements, making this range a popular choice all round. The squared corners and curved arms of the suite come together to make a sophisticated silhouette that easily compliments most decor.


As well as an easy power electric recliner option for maximum comfort, static options are also available across this three seater, two seater and chair collection, as well as a matching storage foot stool or lift and rise chair to complete the look. A selection of attractive pattern or plain fabric colourways are available to tailor the Townley to your specifications and match the suite to your pre-existing decor.

Need more seating space? Why not browse our Townley Corner Sofa Collection – it could be a perfect fit.




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3 Seater Power Recliner, 3 Seater Manual Recliner, 3 Seater Static, 2 Seater Power Recliner, 2 Seater Manual Recliner, 2 Seater Static, Power Recliner Chair, Manual Recliner Chair, Static Chair, Lift & Rise Chair, Storage Footstool


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