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Aluminium Pergola Gazebo with LED Lights, Louvre Roof & Curtains in Grey



Brand new for 2024 are our gorgeous contemporary Gazebos! Uplift your garden space in a way like no other with a majestic, sturdy structure designed to keep you sheltered from all kinds of weather so that you can enjoy the outdoors all year round. 

With its manual louvred roof mechanism, you can open the roof shutters to allow both air and light in as you please – perfect for those gorgeous sunny days. Close them off when it starts to pour or snow for guaranteed protection from the elements.

The rain drainage system allows rainwater to drain down each of the legs of the gazebo and out of the bottom, meaning water will not pool on the roof and cause damage to the product. The roof is also waterproof and can hold snow no problem, meaning you can of course leave your gazebo up all year round!

Curtains on each side of the gazebo offer privacy and protection when you need it, especially when the breeze picks up in the evening. Make up for the lack of light with vibrant LED lights framing the ceiling of the structure, a perfect way to create ambiance at the touch of a button. 

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