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Rattan 2.7m Shanghai Parasol in Green | Para0320


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Rattan Shanghai parasol

The Rattan 2.7m Dia Shanghai parasol is beautifully designed, adding oriental style and color to your theater space. It has a strong 38 mm margin matt tableware pole with a durable polyester cover in a vibrant colorway. The body is rated UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) 50 for that redundant protection from the sun. It has an easy-to-use coil handle to open and close the parasol and a cock installation for redundant shade.  Protean, elegant, and the perfect addition to any out-of-door space with a view, custom and curated designs give any land the feeling of ultramodern warmth. Please remember not to use in windy conditions,  leave when not used, and always secure with a suitable parasol base. Complete with a free defensive cover. This order is substantially for relief tents for parasols, also known as screens suitable for free-standing and stake designs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Crank grip for informal opening and closing
  • Push-button tilt ability to follow the way of the sun
  • Rated UPF(ultraviolet fortification factor) 50+ for that further safety from the sun
  • One year manufacturer’s guarantee for extra composure
  • FREE PVC cover for winter defense.

Please note: 

Our Rattan 2.7m Dia Shanghai, parasol Care Instructions, should be observed using our canopies. Moreover the powder-coated aluminum pole comes with a crank and tilt handle. While we feature a peaked polyester canopy with beaded tassel edging and different colors. When pulled taut, the measurements are for the material and do not necessarily represent the actual frame measurement that this item fits. The frame measurement may be slightly smaller as the canopy is made to allow sufficient slack to be pulled over each spoke and for each spoke to work in a corner pocket. We create sturdy, commercial-quality furnishings that are adaptable, reasonable, and guaranteed to last. This product manufacturer guarantees extra peace of mind.

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