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Fabric Buoyant Sofa | Kennedy Collection


  • Buoyant Kennedy
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Kennedy Width Depth Height
Corner sofa (R1,CO,L2-L1,CO,R2) £1,349 293 214 87 CM
Corner Sofa (L2.CO.AU.R1 | R1.CO.AU.L2) £1,699 187 98 87 CM
Corner sofa (L2,CO,R2) £1,549
Corner Sofa (L1,CO,R1) £1,149 108 98 87 CM
(AU) £399 81 98 87 CM
311 (3 seater Sofa + 2 chairs) £1,599
211 ( 2 Seater sofa + 2 Chairs £1,549
3 seater + 2 seater £1,349
3 seater sofa £699 216 98 87 CM
2 Seater sofa £649 188 98 87 CM
Chair £499 114 98 87 CM
accent stool £349 63 50 45 CM
Storage Stool £299
(120cm) Standard £799 188 98/231 87 CM

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Buoyant Kennedy

(120cm) Standard, (AU) Armless Unit, 211 ( 2 Seater sofa + 2 Chairs, 311 (3 seater Sofa + 2 chairs), accent stool, Corner Sofa (L1,CO,R1), Corner sofa (L2,CO,R2), Corner Sofa (L2.CO.AU.R1, Corner Sofa L1,CO,R2, Corner sofa L2,CO,R1, Corner Sofa R1.CO.AU.L2), Storage Stool

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Ace Grey, Ace Navy, Aero Charcoal, Aero Cream, Aero Fawn, Aero Mink, Aero Silver, Alfa Aqua, Alfa Beige, Alfa Charcoal, Alfa Chestnut, Alfa Natural, Alfa Pabble, Alfa Pebble, Allium Pastel, Allium Slate, Allium Taupe, Anya charcoal, Anya Natural, Anya Silver, Arran Beige, Arran Biscuit, Arran Ice, Arran Lime, Artemis Black, Artemis Charcoal, Artemis Cream, Ashton Granite, Ashton Steel, attached enabled, Avichi Grey, Avichi Natural, Avichi Ocean, Avichi Stone, Barley Beige, Barley Grey, Barley Pebble, Barley Sillver, Barley Taupe, Bead Ocean, Bead Pastel, Beas Pastel, Beehive Pastel, Blockbuster Honey, Blockbuster Slate, Butterflies Lime, Butterflies Natural, Butterflies Rose, Butterflies Teal, Caldor Charcoal, Caldor Duckegg, Caldor Grey, Camelia Summer, Camelia Winter, Campo Linen, Campo Pebble, Campo Pewter, Campo Silver, Campo Taupe, Carnaby Honey, Carnaby Pattern Honey, Carnaby Pattern Ocean, Carnaby Pattern Slate, Carnaby Slate, Casper Black, Casper Charcoal, Casper Silver, Champion Blue, Champion Silver, Charlie Chocolate, Chunky Grey, Chunky Pastel, Chunky Royal, Chunky Saffron, Clader Charcoal, Clader Duckegg, Clader Grey, Clarke Grey, Clarke Midnight, Clarke Pebble, Clarke Powder, Clarke Saffron, Coco Plain Coal, Coco Plain Mink, Coco Plain Pearl, Coco Plain Truffle, Coco swirl Beige, Coco Swirl Gold, Coco Swirl Grey, Coco Velvet Gold, Coco Velvet Iron, Coco Velvet Pearl, Coco velvet Platinum, Columbus Teal, Cooper Graphite, Cooper Silver, Cord Charcoal, Cord Charcol, Cord Fawn, Cord Mink, Cord Praline, Cord Silver, Cosmo Apple, Cosmo Duckegg, Cosmo Linen, Cosmo Linen, Cosmo Mink, Cosmo Mist, Cosmo Navy, Cosmo Pewter, Cosmo Rose, Cosmo Silver, Cosmo Sliver, Costa Charcoal, Costa Duckegg, Costa Grey, Costa Ice, Costa Lime, Costa Linen, Costa Purple, Costa Putty, Costa Silver, Couture Multi, Crinkle Black Gold, Crinkle Cream Gold, Crinkle Pearl Grey, Crinkle Pearl/Grey, Crinkle Silver, Crinkle Taupe, Crown Navy, Crown Powder, Crown Saffron, Dallas Charcoal, Dallas Natural, Dallas Silver, Dallas Taupe, Delta Charcoal, Delta Navy, Delta Olive, Delta Pattern Charcoal, Delta pattern Navy, Delta Pattern Olive, Delta Pattern Spa, Delta Spa, Denny Steel, Dream Autumn, Dream Denim, Dream Dusky, Duchess Gold, Duchess Pearl, Duchess Pebble, Duchess Steel, Eden Carbon, Eden Mink, Eden Nutmeg, Eden Nutmug, Eden Pastel, Element Cedar, Element Silver, Element teal, Elite Mink, Fabulous Blush, Fabulous Charcoal, Fabulous Gold, Fabulous Teal, Fastival Charcoal, Feathers Jewel, Festival Black, Festival Charcoal, Festival Olive, Festival Royal Blue, Festival Rust, Festival Rut, Festival Seafoam, Festival Seaform, Festival Stone, Festival Teal, Fielding Mustard, Fielding Natural, Fielding Terracotta, Flash Citron, Flash Spa, Forest Mocha, Forest Natural, Freddy Autumn, Gibel Granite, Gibel Natural, Gibel Silver, Giorgio Aqua, Giorgio Dusk, Glasto charcoal, Glasto Pastel, Glitter Bronze, Glitter Silver, Grace Lime, Grace Linen, Grace Pewter, Grace Taupe, Grissini Blush, Grissini Charcoal, Grissini Pebble, Hamilton Beige, Hamilton Black, Hamilton Cream, Hamilton mocha, Hamilton Silver, Hampton Charcoal, Hampton Diamond Charcoal, Hampton Diamond Natural, Hampton Diamond Navy, Hampton Natural, Hampton Navy, Hercules Charcoal, Hercules Granite, Hercules Natural, Hercules Silver, Honeycomb Taupe, Honeycomb Teal, Jadi Silver, Jedi Charcoal, Jedi Mink, Jedi Mustard, Jedi Petrol, Jedi Seafoam, Jedi Silver, Jedi Stone, Jewel Charcoal, Jewel Citrus, Jewel Emerald, Jewel Gold, Jewel Teal, Jive Charcoal, Jive Oyster, Jive Rose, Jive Silver, Jive Taupe, jungle Emerald, jungle gold, jungle Natural, jungle Slate, jungle Teal, Kenya Black, Kenya Fawn, Kenya Natural, Kenya Silver, Khaleesi Dusk, Khaleesi Natural, Kingston Beige, Kingston Blush, Kingston Charcoal, Kingston Charcol, Kingston Grey, Kingston Mink, Kingston Mushroom, Kingston Nutmeg, Kingston Silver, Kora Graphite, Kora Hazel, Kora Pearl, Kora Silver, Kurt Dove, Kurt Lagoon, Kurt Linen, Kurt Mednight, Kurt Midnight, Kurt Natural, Kurt Platinum, Labyrinth Lime, Labyrinth Mink, Labyrinth teal, Larkin Floral Beige, Larkin Floral Cinnamon, Larkin Floral Cream, Larkin Plain Beige, Larkin Plain Cinnamon, Larkin Plain Cream, Larkin Stripe Beige, Larkin Stripe Cinnamon, Larkin Stripe Cream, Lassie Charcoal, Lassie Cream, Lassie Navy, Lassie Silver, Lassie Toffee, Lawis Natural, Lewis Latte, Lewis Lime, Lewis Natural, Lewis Ocean, Lotty Coffee, Lotty Silver, Love Black, Love Chocolate, Maple Honey, Maple Ivory, Maple Terracotta, Marble Linen, Marble Mist, Marge Grey, Marge Navy, Martha Charcoal, Martha Linen, Martha Silver, Mercury Aqua, Mercury Coal, Mercury Mink, Mercury Natural, Mercury Powder, Mercury Sapphire, Mercury Silver, Mercury Thyme, Nectar Black, Nectar Chocolate, Nikon Charcoal, Nikon Coffee, Nikon Gold, Nikon Spice, Norflok Pebble, Norfolk Charcoal, Norfolk Grey, Norfolk Mustard, Norfolk Natural, Norfolk Nature, Norfolk Pebble, Norfolk Teal, Orb Gold, Orb Petrol, Paddington Silver, Peacock Black, Pellier Plum, Penthouse Blush, Penthouse Gold, Penthouse Steel, Percy Black, Polka Denim, Polka Pebble, Polly Charcoal, Polly Cotton, Polly Cream, Polly Mink, Polly Mocha, Polly Mustard, Polly Navy, Polly Seafoam, Portia Heather, Portia Ivory, Portia Mink, Portia Royal, Portia Saffron, Portia Slate, Puzzle Charcoal, Puzzle Chocolate, Ramsay Linen, Ramsay Pebble, Ramsay Silver, Ramsay Spa, Rich Beige, Rich Charcoal, Rich Mink, Rich Navy, Rich Stone, Romance Diamond Mink, Romance Diamond Silver, Ryder Carbon, Ryder Marine, Ryder Stone, Salute Pattern Black, Salute Pattern Cream, Salute Pattern Silver, Script Beige, Script Grey, Shard Blush, Shard Gold, Shard Steel, Spark Granite, Spark Natural, Spark Pebble, Spencer Charcoal, Spencer Citrus, Spencer Natural, Spire Natural, Spire Teal, Spirit Charcoal, Spirit Grey, Spirit Natural, Spirit Navy, Style Gold, Style Pastel, Sublime Aqua, Sublime Armour, Sublime Asphalt, Sublime Clay, Sublime Dusk, Sublime Dusk, Sublime Flamingo, Sublime Marble, Sublime Olive, Sublime Pearl, Sublime Rust, Sublime Tumeric, Sunset Dusk, Sunset Gold, Sunset Granite, Sunset Vintage, Sweetie Jewel, Sweetie Plum, Sweetie Rust, Tempo Natural, Tempo Teal, Tessere Gold, Tessere Pebble, Toby Natural, Toby Teal, Tweed Autumn, Tweed Pastel, Tweed Patchwork Autumn, Tweed Patchwork Pastel, Vacini Gold, Vacini Silver, Vacini Steel, Valencia Spot Cream, Valencia Spot Natural, Valencia Spot Silver, Valencia zig zag cream, Valencia Zig Zag Natural, Valencia Zig Zag Silver, Viktor Pattern Black, Watson Charcoal, Watson Ditsy Charcoal, Watson Ditsy Ruby, Watson Ditsy Taupe, Watson Ruby, Watson Taupe, Wicker Teal, Wilma Blush, Wilma Pebble, Aaron Mink, Aaron Nickel, Aaron oyster, Aaron Silver, Aaron Truffle, Adler Natural, Adler Silver, Barley Beige, Barley coffee, Barley graphite, Barley Pastel, Barley Silver, Denney Steel, Denny Midnight, Denny Pebble, Destiny Gold, Destiny Silver, Festival Blush, Festival Emerald, Festival Grey, Festival Mink, Festival Mustard, Festival Natural, Festival Ocean, Festival Silver, Festivsal Mustard, Grace pewter, Grace Silver, Pellier Beige, Pellier bronze, Pellier Charcoal, Pellier Navy, Pellier Ocean, Pellier Pastel, Pellier smoke, Pellier Taupe, Pellier thyme, Pucker Bronze, Pucker navy, Pucker Silver, pucker Teal, Whimsical Bronze, Paddington Natural, Paddingaton Silver, Paddington Charcoal, Whimsical Saffron, Whimsical Steel

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Aero Charcoal, Aero Cream, Aero Fawn, Aero Mink, Aero Praline, Aero Silver, Alfa Charcoal, Alfa Natural, Alfa Pebble, Campo Linen, Campo Pebble, Campo Pewter, Campo Silver, Campo Taupe, Cooper Graphite, Cooper Silver, Dallas Charcoal, Dallas Natural, Dallas Silver, hamilton Silver, Kingston Beige, Kingston Mushroom, Martha Charcoal, Pellier Plum, Ramsay Pebble, Ramsay Silver, Ramsay Spa, Hamilton Mocha, Kingston Charcoal, Kingston Grey, Kingston Mink, Kingston Nutmeg, Pellier Ocean, Pellier Smoke

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Antique, Mid Oak


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